In this insane NewSpace journey, entrepreneur Scott Larson discusses being called upon to raise $500k CAD to seed his first project with Russian Space Agency (Roscosmos), acquiring his previous company’s assets and turning them into a flourishing startup, and the intricate technology behind his company’s success. […]
Project Update #3 [16.12.2020]: BDI becomes Sponsoring Partner of New Space Industry Report Great news! Together with our analyst partner Capitol Momentum, a Berlin research company, we could win the Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie e.V., short BDI, as our new sponsoring partner to support the New Space Industry Report 2020 […]
NewSpaceVision NewSpaceVision is a Berlin-based company founded in 2016 that aims at promoting the New Space movement in Germany and Europe. It is our mission to raise awareness for the interesting applications of space-related hard and software in Space-adjacent and Non-Space industries. With our projects, we […]
Submit your innovative Earth observation application to the Copernicus Masters The Copernicus Masters is the leading innovation competition for commercial Earth observation (EO) applications. Open for submissions until 30 June 2020, the competition awards prizes to innovative solutions, services, and business concepts that use Earth observation […]
Space Podcasts 101
Here is the good news: There have never been more high-quality podcasts about space than now. But don’t worry, we will shed some light in this jungle of informative and notable space podcasts. We will provide some insight on which of these are worth putting in […]
In order to get an overview over the current commercial space environment in Germany NewSpaceVision collected data about existing space companies. The resulting file can be viewed here. It shows the Names, Areas of Expertise, Locations and Websites of existing (New)Space companies in Germany. We are […]
The German NewSpace sector has been steadily growing over the past two decades There is reason to believe that this growth will accelerate in the 20s The industry is mainly located around Berlin, Bremen, Darmstadt, and Munich.  Its principal focus lies on small satellites and satellite […]
Dear NewSpaceVisionaries! We are back! With new events and new podcasts! Our newest podcast guest is Gary Martin, who worked more than a decade for NASA and who is now working as a Senior Advisor for the Luxembourg Space Agency! He knows the New Space economy […]
NewSpaceVision Podcast #4 with Pekka Laurila CFO & Co-Founder of ICEYE What a start into 2018. ICEYE, the VC backed NewSpace StartUp from Finnland, just launched their next generation radar satellite on a PSLV into earth’s orbit. With their novel SAR technology, they want to change […]
NewSpaceVision Podcast #3 with Kadri Bussov, Member of the Management Board of ESTCube Our third podcast is there! During the European Space Week talked to Kadri Bussov who is part of the team building Estonia’s second satellite ESTCube-2 and who is running Estonian Student Satellite Foundation. […]
NewSpaceVision Podcast #2 with Dallas Kasaboski, Analyst at Northern Sky Research Our second podcast is out now! During the European Space Week in Tallinn we had the pleasure to talk to Dallas Kasaboski analyst at Northern Sky Research and talked with him about e.g. the European […]
NewSpaceVision Podcast #1 with Interstellar Ventures founder Sebastian Straube! We are very happy to present you our first podcast episode. This one focusses on the work of an emerging space venture capital fond. The insights and opinions from Sebastian on the status and development of the […]

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