Yuk’s succes was not simple – not unlike his journey. Yuk used to be an officer in the Singapore army, as the head of maintenence and recovery operations of its armored and track vehicles.

“… It was a great honor and privilege… where else on Earth are you going to find a 21 year old reponsible for a 100 million dollar technology portfolio?”

He then went on to go to law school & specialized in space, later joining a company that would use an electrodyanmic tether as a propulsion unit to station-keep in low earth orbit. But when that company went under, he used the reason for its failure to inspire a new venture: Charter.

Charter is building Ubiks, a logisitics platform tailored to the process of building space systems.

“It takes over the moment you’ve arrived at your initial stable design, and now you need to put the meat to the metal and actually build the thing.”

Discover how Yuk got into space law following his position in the army, the challenges he faced in his first company, and how that led him to secure Techstars funding for Charter with its co-founder.

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