Our founders Daniel Seidel and Sven Przywarra discuss AWS Aerospace with its EMEA department head, Guido Baraglia. 

Three years ago, Amazon Web Services launched their space and satellite business unit. With his extensive record in the aerospace industry, it’s no surprise that Guido became department head in early 2022. “It is a matter of not letting the train go by without jumping on board,” he says, in regards to his new position.

The enthusiasm Guido brings to his work at AWS is the same energy he brings to NewSpace. In this conversation, Guido provides a glimpse into the source of his motivation and offers exclusive insights into our increasingly NewSpace dependent world.

Listen to this episode to discover how AWS is making history by leading innovation – with its customer-centric approach to cloud operations, its hyper data-driven mindset and its ambitious vision for the future.

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