because founding a space startup is no rocket science


Assemble your first prototype in our garage equipped with all necessary tooling like 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines and electronic tooling.


During the 6 months you are constantly supported by a startup coach and mentored by successful entrepreneurs. Workshops are organized based on your individual needs.


Although it’s growing, New Space is still a niche industry. All the more important it is, that you get access to the key players and experts in this sector. NSV provides you with this necessary network.

Our mission: „to comprehensively support early-stage space startups in an uncomplicated way“

Recent change of program: Due to a shift in our investor’s policy, we substituted the cash funding by a prototype garage. Accordingly, the before-called incubator now carries the name NSV Lab and has a stronger hardware focus, meaning that we now target space startups with upstream-related business ideas (hardware and software for space operations).

Founding a space startup can seem intimidating to future entrepreneurs. Especially since most people in the startup ecosystem back away from such high-flying ideas. We do not. Instead we are convinced that with the appropriate support and network from the beginning on, startups can disrupt the old-fashioned space industry.

The NSV Lab targets founder teams and early-stage startups with a space-related product idea. The purpose of the 6-month program is to develop both, your business model and your technology. Additional to working on your prototype, you will also gain an important understanding of customer requirements and market characteristics. In order to do so, we will support you comprehensively throughout the program.

The first batch takes place in 2020, depending on the development of the Corona situation.


In order to apply simply send your pitch deck to Please consider the following:

  • max. 20 slides

  • PDF format

  • in English

  • Topics to be covered:

    • Team: Backgrounds, competences, roles

    • Product: Problem, solution, technology, value proposition

    • Market: Business model, target customers, market segments and sizes, competition, USP

    • Project plan: Rough time and financial plan (at least for the program duration)

  • You don’t have to have all aspects perfectly clear yet. The pitch deck can only be a snapshot of your current state of knowledge. Especially since the incubation phase is for experimenting and learning.

  • The deck is not meant to serve for a real pitch. So it should be fully understandable from reading only.

  • Your data will be treated confidentially and won’t be forwarded to any third party. Also your application will be deleted after the selection process.

  • The pre-selected teams will be invited for a personal get-to-know in Berlin. However, all applicants will get a qualified feedback on their idea.

Application deadline was 31 March 2020

Many thanks for your applications – Let’s launch your ideas!

Industry Experts

As a participant of the incubator you will have regular meetings and calls with experts from the private space industry.

Sebastian Scheiding

Managing Director Astrofein

Walter Ballheimer

CEO German Orbital Systems

Mark Kugel

Co-Founder& CCO Yuri

Ingo Baumann

Lawyer & Partner BHO Legal