Is this program for me?

If you have a upstream-related business idea and no established company yet, this program is for you. Upstream in this context means either hardware or software for orbital operations. Also it doesn’t matter whether you have already officially founded or not. The only important requirement is that you are still in the phase of market exploration and product development.

Do I have to move to Berlin?

No. The workshops and events will take place in Berlin, but that does not require your continuous presence in the city. However, we plan to establish a permanent garage in the makerspace MotionLab, to provide a workshop floor with all necessary tooling to our teams. 

How is the program structured?

At the beginning we will mutually define a roadmap and milestones for the upcoming 6 months to give you some structure. Periodical reviews with your coach shall help you to stay focused and make use of helpful tools and methodologies. At the same time you will profit from the vast experience and network of successful (space) entrepreneurs in regular mentoring meetings or calls. Workshops will be organized depending on your individual needs. In addition there will be some framing events like the initial, the midterm and the final pitch/demo day.

How is the selection process?

The selection process consists of two stages: First the submission of a pitch deck (deadline 31 March 2020) and secondly a personal meeting with you in Berlin (in April) to get to know you and discuss the project. We hope that this timeline can still persist with regards to the current corona development, but will of course inform you about deviations.

What about funding?

Due to a change in our investor’s policy, unfortunately we can no longer offer cash funding to our participants. On the upside, a permanent workshop floor is planned.

Any remaining open questions? Simply send us a mail to