The sheer amount of data available from satellites enables us to solve some of the world’s most complex problems.

Renaud Allioux was inspired by Planet to do just that when he left Airbus to co-found Preligens, an AI and intelligence company in the earth observation space, which he is now Chief Innovation Officer of.

We spoke about Renaud’s journey, from working on exciting missions in physics and engineering at Airbus, to solving crucial problems in the defense industry.

He also explained how the intelligence sector and its troves of data make it hard to keep up, and why building software can be more challenging than building a spaceship due to requiring a different mindset and business plan.

Renaud gave us deep insights into what Preligens is doing, shared incredible stories from his career so far, and talked about the macro and micro perspective on EO. He shed light on why it’s so hard to break into the industry, the future of AI versus human analysis in defence, and how the private sector, contrary to popular belief, can be more advanced than government institutions.

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