The NSV September Episode is all about radar satellites and its applications. We invited a very special guest who helped to shape and grow the SAR Satellite Industry in the 90s and 2000s in Germany like no other: Joerg F. Herrmann, former founding CEO of the TerraSAR-X services entity Infoterra, Sr. business development executive at Airbus Defense and now Sr. VP at Capella Space. From first endeavors to the first wave of commercialization of SAR. Join us for a conversation about the creation of Germany’s first Digital Elevation Model in early 2000 to TerraSAR and TandemSAR as well as differences of working for a U.S. start-up compared to his time in Germany, building the TerraSAR. We explore the question: Why is Germany currently lacking a private German SAR constellation with the ambition of Capella Space, Iceye, PredaSAR (U.S.) or Synspective (Japan) or a leading new space hardware startup? …and even dare to ask: Is there an underutilization of SAR technology?

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