Prof. Dr. Hanns-Christian Gunga

Head of space medicine and extreme environments working group

Prof. Hanns-Christian Gunga is the head of the working group space medicine and extreme environments  since 2003. He studied geology, palaeontology and human medicine at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität in Münster and Berlin. Finishing medical school, he wrote his doctoral thesis about the famous German physiologist Nathan Zuntz (1847-1920).

In 1997 he wrote his habilitation thesis about the regulation of erythropoitin in humans in extreme environments.

As a student of Prof. Karl Kirsch at the Freeie Universität Berlin, Department of Physiology, he first encountered the topic of  human adaptation to extreme environments. Karl Kirsch initiated this research field in the late 70’s, as a student of Prof. Otto Gauer.

Prof. Gunga’s main interests are evolutionary physiologythermo-physiologygravitational physiologycardio-vascular physiologyhigh altitude and polar medicine as well as the history of sciences.

From 2004-2009 Prof. Gunga was the holder of the Nathan Zuntz Professorship.


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