Peter Schneider

Science journalist and book author

Peter M. Schneider is a science journalist and book author. In his recent book “Goldrausch im All” (“Goldrush in Space”) he describes the boom-like development of private spaceflight and the context of space transport. His assumption is that we are facing a new era of spaceflight which is a result from new business ideas and digitalization on the one hand, and the specific symbiosis of venture capital and technological power in the Silicon Valley on the other hand. His first contact with real space he experienced when he was interviewing the then ESA-astronaut Thomas Reiter in 2001. In a commentary he predicted that spaceflight will not not be a matter of prestige for long but tough business soon. Peter Schneider is working nearly 20 years for established newspapers, magazines and internet media in Germany, amongst others “DIE WELT”, “” and “”.

Recent space articles: „Die Digitalisierung des Weltraums“ Mit Musk läuft uns Amerika im Rennen um den Weltraum davon

Book “Goldrausch im All” at Amazon


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