Every year new emerging companies are created in Germany to leverage the resources in Space or provide additional capabilities in it. These companies provide governments and the private sector with increasing choices to access space and the incredible amount of information generated from the countless satellites in Earth’s orbit. The New Space Business in Germany has seen substantial development in recent years, yet it is still in its infancy.

NewSpaceVision aims at promoting the New Space Movement in Germany and wants to contribute in connecting the industry and increase market transparency between Companies, Investors, Government and other stakeholders. A fully fledged annual NewSpaceVision Industry Report 2020 for Germany is our latest effort to expedite this mission. Maria and Nina from Capitol Momentum, a Berlin research and advisory start-up, support NewSpaceVision in the creation of the Report, which is scheduled to be published in spring 2021 and will take a deeper look at the German New Space Ecosystem, Revenues, Investments & Funding, Cross Industry applications, cooperation’s and more.

In order to help us with the creation of the report, we have prepared a small survey and would like to inquire your expectations on a New Space Industry Report in terms of price and content covered? Please vote here.

With this report, we wish to spark new partnerships to join forces for great New Space projects, share knowledge and make the New Space market in Germany more accessible to customers and investors from Space-adjacent or Non-Space industries. With thoroughly researched and carefully compiled facts and figures, the NewSpaceVision Industry ​Report will provide a greater insight into the business of the New Space Ecosystem in Germany which is poised to take another leap.

Please feel free to post any feedback, advises or wishes in terms of topics covered within the report below in the commentary.


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