Future Propulsion

Future Propulsion

Propulsion of the Future

To boldly go where no one has gone before. The basis for all space adventures is propulsion. You need different methods for a big variety of maneuver for rockets, satellites and landers. In the new space age this field is highly dynamic. Reaching from new electric propulsion concepts for satellites which seems like science fiction to reusable rockets and single-stage- to orbit systems. At our NewSpaceVision Conference you will get insights of all emerging trends in the industry. Highly recommended for everyone who is interested in Newton´s laws combined with Star Trek, or who just loves fast things or the beauty of fire (plasma).

We will have a talk about the SABRE project which fly into space and come back in one piece:

The most efficient propulsion for satellites is reached through electric propulsion. There are different approaches to construct them. Check out this overview:

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