Earth Observation

Earth Observation

Monitor the Earth 

While you read this it costs $200k to build and launch a satellite into orbit. This is a reduction of 1000x within the past 10 years. The result of this new Space Age are hundreds of earth observation satellites orbiting and monitoring the earth every single day. With public constellations like the Copernicus Program to private constellations such as Planet more and more data is available. Earth Observation is the infrastructure of tomorrow, today. With earth observation data we can improve the way we analyze our rapid changing environment and our ever-growing cities. Applications reach from Agriculture, Insurance, Finance, Climate change, Maritime, Infrastructure and Sustainability.


Check out the worlds largest constellation with free samples on the site of our sponsor:

You can get recent data of every place on earth with the Copernicus Program:

Discover the leading innovation platform for Earth observation:

AI is changing the way we look at Images and Data. Check out this awesome article about the industry:

Check out this pitch of Europes hottest NewSpace Startup ICEYE:

The golden age of European Earth Observation

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