Artificial Intelligence in Space

Artificial Intelligence in Space

AI on the ISS

Imagine a long term future story:

A few companies were able to get to asteroids and established a storage materials. There you can get materials like iron, gold and rare earth materials. The machines that collect these materials are working without human influence. They are fittet with a bunch of different sensors and a neuromorphic chip so they are able to learn to make their own descissions. Sonsors found a new material on the asteroid. AI is able to handle this new situation. Evaluates the demand and initiates new processes like assambleing new hardware with 3d printers. These machines learn like a child.

We do not have to think so far into the future:

The Curiosity Rover selects stones by itself and analyzes them. Future rovers will get more and more autonomously. For a more efficent exploration they have to. For a new direction input from humans the radio signal needs in avarage aprox. 14minutes! Minimum 4 and maximum 24. Thats actually a lot!

There are a lot of applications for AI in the future of space exploration. We will dicuss a few of them on our conference.


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